Trouble Opening for Blinds or Shades

Window blinds and shades make a beautiful, functional, and convenient solution. With both these window treatments, you can control privacy, light, heat, and cold. Whether you have blinds or shades professionally installed or you install them yourself, something easy to do by the way, the operation should be smooth and flawless.

Unfortunately, sometimes blinds and windows do not operate as we would like. In this case, trying to use them becomes aggravating and frustrating. If you find that your window blinds or shades are now opening right, it could be a number of things. Before you decide to run out and buy an entirely new unit, we wanted to suggest a few possibilities that could save you some time and money.

Cord Locking Mechanism

For starters, we suggest you check the cord locking mechanism, which might not be working properly. What happens is that the roller pin becomes defective for one reason or another at which time it cannot move freely, as it should. For this, you want to make sure the lift cord for the blinds is running up into the locking mechanism without there being any obstructions. You might think of this much like getting a thread caught in a zipper. If the lift cord were to be twisted or bunched up, you would not be able to open or close the blinds or shades.

The solution is to lower the blinds, which will make the pin loose to the feel. The goal is to ensure the pin is able to move freely in the track. If not, then the window coverings will not operate appropriately. If the lift cord were caught between the head rail and cord mechanism as well, it would become a problem. Remember when buying blinds and shades that the smaller ones are designed with same-side controls. That means there is a tape roll support located by the cord lock mechanism. A problem that might develop here is the tension in the lift cord being too great, actually rubbing on the tape support.

Curved Tabs

Then, if there are curved tabs on your blinds or shades made to keep the cord locking mechanism underneath the head rail lip, this can bend over time, simply from use. To fix the problem, you would need a firmer hold. This can be accomplished by removing the cord lock, bending the tabs upwards again, and then putting the cord lock back into place. Remember that most problems associated with the operation of shades and blinds are easy to resolve. In fact, the repair process is generally free. Therefore, try to troubleshoot the problem first and then if all else fails, you could have them replaced.