Blind Tilter Repair - Problems Opening

Sometimes, you go to open the slats of blinds only to find they do not open properly. If you find that the tilter is not working correctly, then getting the most out of your blinds is not possible. This means you would not get full sunlight, struggle with complete privacy, and even be shorting yourself on savings for your utility bill. Therefore, if your tilter is not working, you might try the following tips.

Tilt Rod

For one thing, you want to make sure the tilt rod is going through the tilter mechanism. Sometimes, this can slip out of place. When put back in, the blinds should work perfectly. In addition, you do not want the tilt rod to be stopped in any way from turning by the center lock or stiffeners. Instead, you want the tilt rod to be about 1.5 inches or less than the size of the head rail. This way, the tilt rod would not be under the end lock, which could cause it to stop turning.

Tilter Damage

Another common problem with the tilter is that the rod has been damaged in some way. For instance, if the rod is bent, it might not allow proper turning. You also want to check that the tilter mechanism is set properly in the tape roll support, also known as the "cradle". Along with this, the tape roll, also called the "drum", has to be centered in the cradle for it to turn freely.

Tape Role Supports

Remember, the tape roll supports must be positioned properly as well. This way, the tilter will let the tilt rod turn without any type of tension or other problem. If you find that the tilter, drum, or tape rolls are not turning, as they should, you can spray them with something such as WD-40. This way, everything will work exactly right and any small noises or squeaks will disappear.

Tiler Gear

Finally, if you find that you have tried all of the above-mentioned tips but to no avail, the problem is most likely the gear in the tilter is defective or simply worn out. In this case, the only solution would be to replace the tilter. You can check online for parts, saving money. In fact, you might be able to find parts on online auctions sites such as eBay, giving you additional savings.

Although a complete blind replacement is not usually necessary, it might be. For instance, if your blinds are an older brand or model, it might be finding parts somewhat difficult. In this case, your only real option would be a complete new unit. However, with blinds being so affordable today and with so many beautiful choices, you may find this the perfect time to update.