Blinds Too Long

After shopping around for weeks, looking for the perfect blinds, you finally find exactly what you want. Unfortunately, your windows are an odd size, just 72 inches long and the only length blinds you can find to accommodate are 84 inches long. If this scenario sounds familiar, you are not alone. Other times, people may have a window where blinds need to be a little short for the safety of children, as a means of eliminating risk of strangulation. Regardless of the reason, the thing to remember is that blinds can be shortened if too long.

That means you do not have to choose a window covering you do not particular like or just deal with the situation. Instead, you can purchase the exact shades you want shorten them. You see, horizontal blinds are made so they can be shortened and the process is amazingly simple. The design is so the bottom railing runs through the ladder cords. Then, the pull cords are knotted just below the rail on each end. By disassembling the cords from the bottom rail, you can get the blinds to the length needed and they will still look perfect.

The Fix

To accomplish this process, all you need to do is use a flathead screwdriver to pry the round plugs out of the bottom rail on the window blinds. Keep in mind that you want to put the plugs some place safe because you will replace them when done. Now, if you find the pull cords of the shades to be threaded through the plugs, these can be cut off but make sure you cut them as close to the plugs as possible. However, if the cords are knotted on the inside part of the rail, then they would need to be cut above the rail. In either case, the rail would be slid out from the ladder cords, and then set aside with the plugs.

You then want to take the pull cord from the center of the ladder cords. While holding it away, cut both the ladder cords approximately two inches longer than the length you want them. Once done, let the extra slats drop off. You can save these if you want should you ever need to have length added back on. The bottom rail is then slid back between the ladder cords while the pull cords are strung through the rail and knotted, again on both ends. If there are any loose ends left on the cords, simply tuck them into the holes and place the plugs back on top.

All you have to do to accomplish this is use a pair of scissors and the screwdriver, paying close attention to your moves. In no time, you will have the perfect length blinds, making your room look amazing. Therefore, next time you find exactly what you want but find the length to be too long, you will know you can make the appropriate changes in a matter of minutes.