Blinds Safety

All across the country, you will find homes that use blinds as window treatments. Considering that blinds are affordable, they look gorgeous, and come in so many different styles, colors, and materials, it is easy to understand why they are so popular. However, along with the positive aspect of blinds, there is one very important factor of safety, especially if you have small children in the home. Unfortunately, babies and toddlers die every year from cord strangulation. Even with new warnings being provided by blind manufacturers, the problem continues.

Therefore, if you want to upgrade or redo your home, using blinds on the windows, you will be thrilled with the look and functionality. However, make sure you are aware of the serious dangers that go along with this type of window treatment. In fact, if you already have blinds on your windows, now may be the ideal time to replace them with newer designs that fall under strict safety guidelines.

Keep Cribs Away From Blinds

One of the most important steps associated with blinds safety is to make sure your child's bed or crib is nowhere near the window. Even toy boxes, bookshelves, tables, or other furniture that could be climbed on should be placed against a different wall. In addition, make sure the pull cords and lift cords of your blinds are cut so there are not loops, shortened, or draped over the top of the head rail. This makes sure it is out of the way.

Cordless Blinds

For the locking cords, these should be locked into position any time you lower your horizontal shades or blinds. Even if the window treatment is resting on the windowsill, lock the cord anyway. Then as mentioned, if your blinds are older than 2001, they likely do not meet new safety guidelines. In this case, you should consider going with a safer window blind and choosing cordless blinds for a child's room, family room, nursery, or other play area.

Slat Risk

Remember, this safety risk is not just associated with horizontal blinds but horizontal blinds as well. While in some instances the slats themselves could pose a risk, the main safety factor is the pulls. As a child plays with the cords, he or she could slip, at which time the cord becomes entangled around the child's neck. As horrific as such, an accident is - it is preventable with some minor changes.

More Information

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