Blinds Overview Part II

For our second article about blind window treatments, we wanted to address how various styles can add to the overall style or décor of the room while still provide optimal privacy. When it comes to window treatments, you have a number of choices to include shades, drapes, and of course, blinds. Of the three primary choices, blinds are probably the most popular in that they go with everything.

Years ago, your choice of blinds was limited to material, size, and color but today that has all changed. You can now purchase blinds in a wide range of slats and window sizes, as well as materials and colors. Because of this, you can change the appearance and functionality of any room of the house, knowing it will look amazing. For instance, if you had a baby's nursery, you might consider whitewashed wood or even vinyl mini-blinds in pastel. Whether using the blinds alone or with draperies or sheers, the nursery would have a soft and gentle look.

Darker Colored Blinds

Now, if you happen to work nights, meaning you sleep during the daytime, you could choose a darker colored blind or one with a special backing to block out a greater amount of light. You will have so many choices no matter the style of your home. If you love things contemporary, wood or faux wood blinds would be an ideal choice. If country styling is more to your liking, then you could go with a neutral shade, coupled with tapestry drapes.


Just as the appearance of the window blinds is important, you also want privacy. By choosing blinds with a tight slat design, street traffic, kids playing outdoors or even nosy neighbors are stopped from seeing inside your home. With more and more people concerned about making the home a safer place to live, privacy is a key feature looked for when shopping for new blinds. Then when you consider that most of today's homes are only feet away from each other, you deserve to keep your personal space private.


One of the most popular choices for privacy is bamboo. While the cost of this material is generally a little more than hardwood, aluminum, or vinyl, the privacy liner used with bamboo is top of the line for privacy. Another option would be to purchase wood or faux wood blinds designed with cloth tapes. With this, you gain much more control over privacy and light. Then, if you want, you could choose two-inch vinyl blinds with overlapping slats, which is the optimum in privacy. The design is gorgeous, the blinds lightweight, and when open, you still have incredible viewing ability.