Blinds, Shades and Curtains

Have you recently purchased a home and now find yourself in the market for new window treatments? If so, you will have a decision to make between blinds, shades, and curtains, each offering something unique. The choice would depend on a number of factors starting with personal taste. However, the size, shape, and type of window, décor of the room, and even architectural features would also be contributors. In this article, we wanted to provide you with some tips for buying blinds, shades, and curtains to make the buying process more enjoyable and successful.

4 Factors

If you plan to work with a professional decorator then much of the guesswork is eliminated but if you want to choose the window treatment yourself and actually hang them, you need to do a little research so you go through the appropriate steps. In either case, remind yourself that light control, privacy, functionality, and style are the four primary factors looked at when buying new window treatments,. Therefore, we suggest you consider these four factors so you can put them in order of importance. Once this is done, you would finally choose between blinds, shades, or curtains.


Above all, privacy should be a big deal. After all, you do not want just anyone peeking into your child's bedroom.. For this, make sure windows in bedrooms and bathrooms are the most protected from peeping toms. The types of window treatments that offer the best type of privacy include a fabric or roller shade, and backed curtains. With shades, the material is from vinyl, mostly opaque although other colors are available.


On the other hand, you could choose traditional style curtains. However, for privacy, new curtains means choosing something with a backing and teaching other members of the family to keep the curtains drawn at appropriate times, such as taking a shower or bath, dressing in the bedroom, and so on.

Fabric or Roller Shade

Now, for a fabric or roller type shade, these are very affordable and if cared for properly, will last for years. The fabric is also opaque whereas fabric shades can be constructed using literally any color or type of fabric imaginable. In this situation, the final choices goes back to personal preference and the inside style of the home.

Curatins and Drapes

For curtains and drapes, we strongly recommend you add a backing or buy the curtains that way. In addition to providing better privacy, this means better ability to block out daily light, which is great for people who sleep days and work nights. If you prefer something that is airy and contemporary, you can certainly go that route but to address the privacy and light issues, you would also need to couple the curtains with some type of shade.

Type and Style

The type of blinds, shades, or curtains you choose for your home will make a huge difference in the way your home looks and feels. Sometimes, people choose just one but other times, blinds and shades are coupled with curtains. In this article, we wanted to provide you with some options that you might consider specific to light control, style, and safety, two things people are look for when buying new blinds, shades, and curtains.

Other Privacy Concerns

First, privacy is one of the most important considerations coupled with style. Today, privacy has become a major issue and with the right blinds, shades, or curtains, you can keep the inside of your home off limits. Some of the best choices offering opaque covering include roller or fabric shades, lined curtains, cellular and pleated shades, and blinds. With shades, most are made from opaque material, which is great for both privacy and keeping the hot sun out. The key to success with shades is to make sure the fit is exact.

For lined curtains, you benefit not just from privacy but also from the outdoor elements. In other words, lined curtains block out hot UV rays from the sun, wind, and even cold air. Therefore, you can go to bed knowing your home has an added layer of protection while helping reduce the amount of money spent on utility bills. In addition, lined curtains can be used alone or with shades or blinds, meaning you can enhance the inside while receiving benefits for the outside as well.


Now, mini blinds have been and continue to be a very popular choice of window treatment. The nice thing here is that mini blinds are relatively inexpensive and they work amazingly well. For this, you could choose white shutters made from vinyl to go with draperies or if you want something as a stand-alone solution, beautiful wood blinds. Just as with shades, the key to blinds working is to make sure you have an exact fit so there are no small gaps.

Cellular and Pleated Shades

Cellular and pleated shades are another excellent solution for window treatments. In this case, you could use the shades alone or with sheers or curtains. Shades are also an affordable option and with so many incredible choices now available, you are sure to find a number of styles you like. In addition to the privacy factor, cellular shades are also a great insulator. Now, if you want the best option for blocking out unwanted light, we suggest you choose a type of darkening shade. These shades are made from special material specific to fighting UV rays. You will enjoy a cooler or warmer home while also protecting your furniture, artwork, carpeting, and other furnishings from fading due to the hot sun.