Blinds Overview Part III

The final installment of frequently asked questions for blinds focuses on better lighting, views, and humidity, all important factors associated with blinds. Let us face it - sitting in the family room while watching the Super Bowl or a favorite movie is annoying when all you can see across the screen is rays of sunlight. With the wrong blinds, this is exactly the problem you would face.

Heating and Cooling

Keep in mind that as sunlight lets rays in, other things are happening. For instance, heat is also filtering into the home, which means your air conditioner has to work harder than usual to keep up. The result is you paying higher utility bills each month. In addition, the UV rays that make it into the home can damage or fade furniture, carpeting, walls, artwork, and more.

Privacy and Light Control

If you want the best privacy and light control possible, we highly recommend you consider bamboo with a privacy liner. However, if you prefer a more traditional look, wood or faux wood blinds with overlapping slats also work exceptionally well. If you need vertical blinds, you could choose PVC backed fabric. This offer looks great while giving you the best possible closure for vertical blinds.

The balance with good blinds is that in addition to wanting privacy and light control, you also want the option of having a beautiful view. Perhaps you have a picture window that looks out over a flower garden area or the mountains. On the other hand, your back patio door may offer an amazing view of the ocean, a pool, gazebo, or even small garden pond. Whatever it is you enjoy looking at, you want blinds that allow you to see clearly.

Light Filtering Bamboo Blinds

For this, light filtering bamboo blinds are always a beautiful solution. With a more open weave design, you would have the opportunity to peer out through the reeds while still enjoying some level of privacy. In addition, you could choose sheer vertical blinds. The nice thing about this style of window treatment is that when turned one way, you have full coverage for the optimum in privacy. However, when the slats are turned the other way, you now have an unobstructed view of the great outdoors.

Moisture and Humidity

Finally, while blinds typically look beautiful in every room, some blinds do not handle moisture or humidity well. For instance, if you want to install blinds in the kitchen or bathroom, rooms known for high levels of moisture, you should make sure you have a good exhaust fan installed and then go with vinyl or aluminum blinds. Wood is nice but unfortunately, wood tends to warp and rot.