Track Rods and Poles

A common method of hanging curtains and drapes is with rods or poles. This type of rail or track comes in a large variety of materials to include bamboo powder coated steel, wrought iron, brass, timber, and even painted timber. Although most of these rods and poles come with coordinating rings, you can always use whatever style of ring you prefer to create a specific look.

These rods and poles are affordable and a simple yet effective way to hang curtains. Best of all, the installation process is a breeze, something that anyone could do. Depending on the type of package you buy, some also come with matching tiebacks or finials for a complete look.

Tab Top and Grommet Style

For instance, rods and poles are often used for tab top and grommet top style of curtains. Additionally, you will find a popular choice of the pole system being a tension steel wire system. Of course, a tension rod is also popular, which has a spring system so the rod simply sits in between the inside of the window, staying in place using the spring action rather than needing any type of hardware drilled into the wall.

Double Track System

The double track system for rods and poles is great for two sets of curtains, a single curtain, or a pelmet. In this case, the final appearance is clean and neat, helping to keep the curtains separated while not allowing them to become entangled. For this particular option, you could choose a double curtain rod or a single.

Ceiling Mounted System

Another option for poles and rods is the ceiling mounted system. With this, the actual track is mounted to the ceiling. If you have curtains that go all the way to the ceiling, especially for tall ceilings, this type of system is perfect. If you prefer, this can be mounted out far enough so the curtain is straight while not touching the windowsill. Although this type of rod and pole works for all materials, it is best for heavier materials.

Curtain Wire

Curtain wire is also a great consideration, which uses coiled wire along with a plastic coating. This type of rod is expandable but has fixed eyelets that are screwed into the wire on each end. Typically, this type of rod or pole would be used for lighter fabrics but curtains that do not need to be pulled closed.

Flexible Curtain Track

The flexible curtain track is another possibility, perfect for bow or bay windows. Made from PVC, this type of rod system is extremely strong. Finally, the extendable curtain track is probably the most popular on the market. This system comes in a variety of sizes, which can be extended to a certain width. Although there are several different materials, the one sold most is metal, usually with a powder coated color of some type. To work, the curtain is attached to hooks that run on a track or glide.