Roller Shade Installation

If you are thinking about adding shades to your home but worried that you will have to pay a fortune to have them installed, the good news is that roller shade installation is easy and done quickly using only a few standard tools. Roller shades are a great enhancement to any room and being so easy to install, you could transform as many rooms as you like. Just remember to make sure all the parts are included, that you have the appropriate tools on hand, and that you read the instructions carefully before getting started.

Screws and Anchors

For this type of project, you will need a metal tape measure, pencil, flat and Phillips screwdriver, level, and a 1.4 hex head. Keep in mind that when you buy roller shades, the only screws that are provided are those used for a wood frame. Therefore, if you plan to drill any holes into sheet metal, concrete, drywall, or other material, you would need to make sure you have the appropriate screws and anchors.

Inside or Outside Mounting

As with any type of shades or blinds, you need decide if they will be installed with an inside or outside mount. For an inside mount, the goal is to make sure the shade does not contact the top of the window frame or any obstruction anytime it is being raised or lowered. If you find this occurs, the brackets probably need to be realigned, making sure they are completely level. The outside mount would include the shade being installed with brackets on the outside of the window frame. Again, the brackets must be even and aligned for the shades to operate properly.

Ceiling Mount

Then, you have a third option, which is not used often known as a ceiling mount. In this case, the brackets would actually be attached to the ceiling. If the brackets are even and aligned, the operation of the shades should be so they move up and down with easy. For this, we recommend you allow an additional space of 1.8 inches between the brackets. This way, the mechanism would be able to rotate without any problem.

Operation and Adjustment

Another consideration for your new roller shades is the operation and adjustment. For instance, you could go with a continuous loop. This type of operation is after brackets are mounted, the plastic inserts are pushed into the brackets. That way, the shade that is then placed into the plastic allows for free operation. Then you have the spring roller option, which is the shade is put into the brackets, inserting the round end's pin into the hole. To complete this type of operation, the other end of the shade is inserted into the second bracket.

Clutch Cover

Finally, if you find that your shades are not moving up and down freely as they should, you could remove the clutch cover, which would allow the chain stop to be adjusted for a continuous loop. On the other hand, if you go with the spring roller, make sure the shade is 16 inches from the top so the spring can be tightened. For this, you would take the shade out of the bracket, rolling it up. Then, put the shade back into the brackets, making sure there is not too much tension.