Curtain Rod Installation

When you get ready to hang window treatments, you will first need to make sure all of the needed hardware has been installed to include the curtain rod. The process is not difficult and when done right, you will have a beautiful, treated window. In order to begin the installation, you will need the following items:

  • Sturdy step ladder
  • Safety glasses
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Laser level
  • Drill with the appropriate screw bits with 3/8 of an inch preferred
  • Hammer

Select Mounting Location

To install a curtain rod, start by taping up pieces of paper on the wall, measuring 8.5 x 11 inches. These would be in the location where the mounts for the rods would go. This way, you can mark on the paper and not make unnecessary marks on the wall. Another tip is for long curtain rods, those 120 inches long center the mounts at 119 inches so the entire rod length could be used.

Now, you need to hold one of the mounts up to a height so any curtains would cover the top part of the window. In fact, placing the curtain rod mount about two inches above the window will give a more formal look but of course, keep in mind the length of the curtain to ensure it meets the floor without dragging or being too short. That way, you can block out the right amount of light.

Bottom Screw Hole

With the pencil, mark the spot on the paper the bottom screw hole. Make sure you are going into the stud so it will hold. Then, pre-drill a hole in the wall, but going only deep enough to get the hole started for the screw. With the mount in hand, you want to drive the bottom screw into the wall through the mount's hole. Make sure it is straight and then screw in the top screw. Now, if you cannot find or if the stud is not in the place where the screw needs to be placed, then use an anchor screw.

Place the Rod

Once both curtain rod mounts are attached, you would then place the rod into the hooked part that holds it in place. When this is done, place the finials on the end. When this is done, the curtains can then be slid or hung on the rod. The other way of doing this would be to put the curtains on the rod while lying on the ground, attach the finials, and then have another person take one end of the rod while you take the other to lift it into place.

Remember, the most important thing when hanging curtain rods is to make sure you use the leveler to ensure the rod is perfectly level. That way, when the curtains are hung, you do not see a crooked curtain. Instead, the curtains would be perfectly level and gorgeous.