Measuring Arches and Circles for Window Treatments

A window can be transformed in both appearance and functionality simply by choosing different window treatments. The most challenging however are arch and circle windows. Because these windows are unique, it is common for people to choose a treatment that does nothing for the window. However, with proper measurement, they would discover that the options are more and the results much better.

Measuring Tips

The most important thing when measuring arches and circles for window treatments is to use a steel measuring stick. This way, you would get exact measurements. Then, you always want to take all the measurements down to the nearest 1/8 of an inch. Additionally, for arches and circles, it is important to measure and take note of the actual inside measurements for these window types. Then, start at the curve of the arch or circle, which is the dimension you will need the most.

Inside Mount

If you are considering an inside mount for the arch or circle window, you would take measurements at the bottom width, as well as the center vertical height but inside the window's frame. Keep in mind that to ensure you get the exact fit, you should work with a company that would provide you with a template. Typically, all you have to do is ask. For blinds, you will also get a mounting strip that is already drilled. This strip is simply attached to the inside of the window, attached to the arch face, which would also be predrilled.

Outside Mount

Then, you have the option for an outside mount. With this, your window treatments for arched or circle windows would go on the outside. This would require you to measure at the bottom for width and then the center vertical height within the frame as you did before but the product maker would add about 2.5 inches to the measurements to ensure the window treatment overlaps the face of the window. Then for corner windows that are rounded, about 3 inches would be added.

Whether choosing an inside or outside mount, it is important, the make the bottom of the arch or circle the appropriate height. For instance, if your arch window has an installed blind, chances are the manufacturer will add to the length by a number of inches so the blind valance could be removed and the trim on the bottom be used in its place. Regardless of the mount, exact measurements are crucial to ensure your arch or circle window looks the best it can look.