Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds are a popular solution for homes around the world. These blinds are commonly found in every room of the house, providing light control, privacy, and style. With so many different styles and materials available, the buying process is exciting, knowing you will find many excellent choices to consider. The key when buying horizontal blinds is to make sure you measure accurately. That way, the window will look amazing and you will have the ultimate control.

Inside Mount

The first option is called the inside mount, which means the blinds are hung on the inside of the window frame. For this, you need to determine the width by measuring the distance to the nearest 1/8-inch between the two inside spaces where the blind will be hung. This will need to be done at the top of the inside space, the center, and the bottom since not all windows are exact from top to bottom. Then, whatever the narrowest width is should be used.

For the length of an inside blind mount, you would measure the distance from the inside surface of the top of the window to the windowsill. Now, if you want blinds to hang so they do not touch, be sure to deduce 1/4-inch from your measurements. In the case of having no sill, the length would simply be measured from the top down to the bottom where you want the shade to hang.

Outside Mount

The other option for horizontal blinds is the outside mount. With this, again measure to the nearest 1/8-inch between the outer parts of where the blinds would be installed. For the best control of light, make sure this measurement is extended 3/4-inches beyond the window opening on each side of the window. Then for the length with an outside mount, you need to measure from the top of the window where the blinds will be hung, down to the bottom of the window frame or where you want the window to stop.

Metal Measuring Tape

For the best option, use a metal measuring tape. Then, write down the measurements so you do not become confused, which happens often. The most important thing about measuring for blind installation, whether inside our outside mount, is always to take actual window open size. The reason this is so important is that if you plan to purchase from a manufacturer over the phone or online, they will need to have perfect measurements. Otherwise, you could end up with an ill fitting blind that not only looks bad, but also does not provide the needed light control or privacy.