Measuring for Corner Windows

Corner windows are beautiful, giving a room an open look and feel, which is great for allowing natural light in. However, the challenge comes in for window treatments in that measurements need to be exact. Once you have the actual measurements, you can then choose the blinds that would enhance the room best.

Outside Mount on Corner Windows

First, there is the outside mount for blinds on a corner window. With this, you would begin with the Pass blind, or the blind on the first window. For the width, measure from the corner of the wall, out to the area that you want the width of the blind to go. Then for length, you will need to add at least five inches, using three at the top and two at the bottom to ensure the blind will cover the corner window properly.

Now for the Butt blind, or the blind that would go on the second corner window. Again, start by taking the width measurements, which would go from the corner of the wall to the width of where you want the blind to go. For length, you again need to add three inches to the top and two inches on the bottom to ensure proper fit.

Inside Mount

For the inside mount of corner windows, you need to make sure you measure the exact width of the window opening for the Pass blind. The height would be measured on the window opening. Next is the measurement of the Butt blind, again measuring the exact width of the window opening.


Shades also look great on corner windows. In this case, you would have a Butt and Bypass shade. With each, it is important to measure each of the shades individually; using the same steps as above. Just remember that the headrail depth would need to be deducted from the butt shade. Additionally, if you plan to put shades up for an outside mount, allow for any overlap that would exist on the bottom and sides.

Another option is to install shades on corner windows but without a Butt or Bypass. In this case, the width measurement of both windows would be taken, going to the common window. Of course, any depth would need to be deducted to ensure the shades meet perfectly but without overlapping. The result will be a gorgeous window treatment that provides excellent light control and privacy.

Once you have all the measurements, written down carefully on paper, you can then begin the search for the corner blinds that you like best. With hundreds of beautiful options, you will likely find a number of choices that can make the process of buying a little daunting. Just remember the decor of the room, personal preference, and the purpose for the blinds (privacy, light control), and you will do just fine.