Measuring Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are a popular choice of window covering for a number of reasons. First, these shades look beautiful, regardless of the window or room's decorum. Second, cellular shades are great for allowing in natural light while still controlling overall light. Third, these shades provide needed privacy. The key however before buying and installing is to make sure you have accurate measurements so the fit is perfect.

Inside Mount

First, you would consider the inside mount option in which the mount is on the inside of the window casing without covering the window molding. For the width, measure the exact width of the window, taking measurements at the inside top, center, and bottom. Then, using the smallest of the three numbers, write this down on a piece of paper, carefully noting width. Keep in mind that the headrail is made 1/4 of an inch less than the shade you would order, which also includes the caps on the end. Additionally, fabric is designed 1/2 inch less than whatever width you would order.

Now for the height of the cellular shades, specific to inside mount, measure by going top to bottom, using the inside edge, again in three places. With this, you would use the largest of the three numbers, carefully writing down the measurements. It is common for both width and length measurements to vary, often within a 1/8 of an inch so if you find this, do not be surprised.

Outside Mount

Moving on to the outside mount for cellular shades, you need to start again with width. You need exact measurements left to right, using the window frame or you could simply measure to the width that you prefer. Just make sure whatever measurement you go with is enough to cover the whole window, which would eliminate any gaps that might allow light to filter into the room. As an example, if you have a window opening of 72 inches, then you might consider ordering cellular shades that measure 76 inches, giving you a little better coverage without taking away from the appearance. For fabric, it will have 1/4 of an inch more.

Window Height

Finally, the height of the window would be measured so you can buy the right size cellular shades. Start by measuring the height, going top to bottom. For the best results, add three to four inches to the measurement you get, again giving you better coverage for light control and privacy. The height measurement for cellular shades would include the headrail. Additionally, you will need the installation of the headrail to be above the frame. With careful measurements and good notes, you can then choose the design of the cellular shades you want for installation.