Horizontal Blinds Installation

If you are interested in adding horizontal blinds to your home but worried that the installation process will be difficult, you are in for good news. The truth is that blind installation is typically easy. Following a few simple instructions will have your windows transformed in no time. All you need is a few standard tools to include a pencil, screwdriver, metal tape measure, level, drill with 1/4-inch hexhead, and a 1/16-inch drill bit.

Check the Mounting

Before you do anything, you need to determine if you will install your horizontal blinds with an inside or outside mount. Either option is fine so you just need to choose which look you want or the type of mount that will work best for your specific window. If you decide to install the blinds using an outside mount, the level would need to be placed against the window casing. Then using the pencil, make a mark just below the head rail on each end, along with the window casing, 1/8-inch more than the head rail ends. These marks will guide you for the installation of the left and right brackets.

Now, if you wanted to install the horizontal blinds using an inside mount, you would again make sure the head rail is level. Next, use the pencil to mark just below the head rail, again on each end. As you did with the outside mount, the brackets would be installed using these marks as your guide. A third option for your blind installation is an overhead mount. For this, the blinds would be held firmly against the ceiling, making sure they are in front of the window and centered. Using the pencil, mark 1/8-inch further than the head rail ends, being the bracket placement.


To ensure your blinds will stay securely in place, you always want to use the intended screws for the brackets and the mount. For instance, if you would be using a mount whereby the screws would go into the window frame, wood screws would be needed. However, if the brackets were to be mounted into the drywall, then you would likely want to find studs (if possible) and use drywall screws.

Typically, screws would come with the brackets and blinds but if not, you can take the brackets with you to your local hardware or home improvement store to purchase ones that fit. With the drill, you would need to pre-drill holes for wood or metal, as well as the toggle bolts. Once the brackets are in place, the blinds would be slid into position and then the bracket cover put in place, which keeps the blinds from falling.

As you can see, the process is easy and not very time-consuming. In addition, installing blinds is something you could do on your own. While some home improvement projects require the assistance of a friend, blinds can be conveniently installed. In no time, your room will take on an entirely new look.