Faux Wood Shutter Installation

One of the most popular and beautiful choices for shutters are those made from faux wood. These shutters are rich and beautiful, making them an ideal choice for any home decor. For instance, faux wood shutters would look spectacular in a contemporary style home or they would complement a traditional home. Because of the diversity, appearance, and unique designs, faux wood shutters are an exceptional value.


Many people have discovered that the installation of faux wood shutters is actually quite simple. For some reason, there are still people that believe hanging shutters such as this to be difficult but in truth, the process is not hard. However, one of the most frustrating aspects of installing shutters is to get started only to discover half of what you need is missing. Therefore, before you do anything, we suggest you look in the package to ensure the right type and number of screws are included, the right brackets, and so on.

Mount Options

Once you know all the pieces for the faux wood shutters are there, you will also need a few standard household tools. For instance, you want to have a metal tape measure, pencil, screwdriver, drill, one-quarter-inch hex head bit, level, and a 1/16 or 3/32-inch drill bit. As with other types of shutters, faux wood can be installed as an inside or outside mount. With an inside mount, the faux wood shutters are installed on the inside of the window frame. Many people prefer this option in that the look is clean and professional. However, an outside mount is also a good option, which has the bracket installation on the outside of the frame.

Frames and Panels

Depending on the type or brand of faux wood shutters you buy, you may or may not have some assembly work. If you do, we suggest you lay the shutter by the side frames flat beside the panels. This way, the hinges on the panel would be above the hinges on the frame. Next, the top and bottom frames need to be slid into the side frames. We recommend you purchase special glue that can be used once you get the frames matched up to help them set. In fact, one the corners have set, if you notice any small gaps, you can simply seal them with a little bit of Dap or similar material.

For the assemble process of the frames, a 3/8-inch diameter hole would need to be drilled on the vertical frame for the hinges, as well as on the horizontal frames and 20 inches between. Then, the top frame would be installed using the appropriate type and length screw, making sure the frame is in the right position, giving enough slat operation clearance.


Next, the left side needs to be leveled and using the corner hole, fastened just slightly at the top. Once done with the left side, do the same for the right side. You then want to hang the panels using just the lower and upper pins. When finished, take a minute to make sure everything is level and square. If not, you can square the panels by moving the bottom, left, or right frame up or down. Once you have the panels exactly as they should be, the bottom frame would be held into place and screwed into the middle frame hole going horizontal. After this, your faux wood shutters would need to have the magnetic catches installed, followed by the holes being covered with button plugs.