Building for Blinds

When it comes to building a home, many factors come into play. For instance, there is the choice of flooring, wall paint, ceiling texture, lighting, and even the proper window treatments. Two of the most common window treatment choices include blinds and shades, specifically for new homes. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes are made that create an unsightly window. To avoid these, we have provided some helpful information.

Window Depth

For starters, make sure your windows have a depth of a minimum of 2.5 inches. This would be most important whenever there is a decorative casing that goes around the window. While there are different options, most people like to have an inside mount for shades and blinds. Keep in mind that the 2.5 inches also applies to double hung windows, at least to the one on the bottom.

For instance, if you were interested in using plantation shutters, then you would want to consider those with 4.5-inch slats. The only thing is that you would need more room. Typically, windows that are double and triple windows that are encased within a single window opening would work best with vertical trim strips going between the windows. Of course, you need to remember when measuring the depth that you take the strips into account.


Another possibility for a newly built home is sliding doors. For window treatments, always remember the size of the door handle when you measure for depth. When as far as windows, you will need to make a decision on style. There are many different styles to look at, which includes eyebrow arch, arch, circle, angle, and many more that can transform the appearance of the home.

Just remember that while these windows are gorgeous and unique, it can be challenging to find blinds and shutters that fit. Therefore, before you go with one of these styles, make sure you have a good idea of the window treatment you want and the location from where you can buy. You might also think about having crank windows added to the home, which are wonderful. Then, French doors can make a statement of elegance, while creating an informal or formal appearance, depending on the way in which they are treated with coverings.

Window Placement

Along with all the wonderful options you have for doors and windows, there is the decision on where to place them. When working with the builder, you need to consider the natural light from the outside, as well as the room itself. For instance, if you plan on having a fireplace installed, wainscoting, or some other type of railing, then the placement of the window would be extra important.

The key is to make sure you allow enough space from the top of the window to any crown molding that might be installed. Soffets would also be a consideration, unfinished attics, and other things you would encounter when building a home and choosing window placement.