Window Shades - Ket Parts

Just as with blinds, window shades are a popular and excellent solution for window treatments. Today, you can find specially made shades that help diffuse heat and light, provide privacy, or coordinate beautifully with any room's decorum. Depending on the style of shade, each would have unique parts that make it operations. To give you an idea of what shades consist of, we have provided some key parts.

Honeycomb Shades

For starters, honeycomb shades are beautiful, adding elegance and class while also helping block out hot UV rays. In most cases, these mounting brackets are installed through the back of the bracket to the wall, which would be an outside mount. However, they can be mounted on the inside as well in which the bracket would go through the top. For this, after the brackets are in place, the honeycomb shades would easily be popped into the head rail. To accomplish this, the head rail would be angled and pressed to the back and into the brackets. Other key parts for the honeycomb shade include mounting brackets for a continuous or cordless cord loop and express light filtering bracket.

Roller Shades

You might be more interested in roller shades, which are also very popular. Roller shades are highly diverse, making them an affordable and quick solution. The bracket in this case is a spring roller that mounts inside a bracket. The benefit here is that the installation of the brackets needs just two screws. However, to ensure easy and secure mount, you want to make sure you use the proper time and length of screw.

Spring Roller Shade

A spring roller shade also has the shade mechanism to operate the up and down motion. This part is hidden by the drum on which the roller shade rests. For this reason, you would never be able to see the spring mechanism unless the shade was disassembled. For this park, the roller shade serves as a plug, holding the spring firmly into place while the shade is being opened or closed. Brackets and the chain and cord mechanism are other parts likely to see on roller shades.

Woven Wood Shades

Finally, a gorgeous choice of shades is those made from woven wood or bamboo. Interesting, while these shades look expensive, they are actually quite affordable. As with other styles of shades, you would have mounting brackets based on the type of mount you preferred, inside, outside, or ceiling. Then, the shades would also have a pull mechanism, working to raise or lower the shades.