Roller Shade Measuring

Roller shades are a classic type of window treatment that is simple, affordable, and highly effective. With these types of shades, you could choose from a light filter material to allow soft sunshine in or room-darkening material, perfect for a baby's nursery or daytime sleeper. Although the standard type of roller shades are white or opaque, today you can purchase various colors and patterns as well.

Way to Measure

If you plan to purchase roller shades, you will need to know the appropriate way to measure. Keep in mind that with this type of shade, the fabric is generally 7/8 to 1-inch narrower than the actual tip-to-tip measurement. The reason for this is to allow the shade to roll up and pull down as intended. With roller shades, you would find this design to be universal, regardless of brand.

Gap Size

In addition, the measurement of roller shades is to have between a 7/16 and 1/2-inch gap on either side of the shade material. The only time this would differ is if you have window trim, a window frame, or drapes that hang within the space. Now, if you plan to measure for an inside mount using a spring roller design, you would use 1/8-inch for the tip-to-tip, 5/8-inch for the barrel, and 1 1/8-inch for fabric, regardless of the width of the shade.

Inside Mount

For an inside mount, a width of 12 to 71 7/8-inch would be measured as 1/8-inch for tip-to-tip, 1 1/4-inches for the barrel, and 1 1/4-inches for the fabric. However, if the width of the roller shade is greater than 72 inches, the tip-to-tip measurement would be 1/8-inch, the same, but the barrel would be 1 3/8-inch with the fabric also being 1 3/8-inch. As with any type of window treatment, it is imperative that you get accurate measurements in that even slight differences matter.

Minimum Depth

The minimum depth requirement for an inside mount would be 1-inch while for a flush inside mount you would need 3 inches. Using an inside mount of roller shades is the most popular option. In addition to making operation easier, this produces a clean, finished look. Although you can mount the roller shades on the outside, we recommend you try to put them on the inside. One of the most important things to remember when you get ready to measure for roller shades is to use steel measuring tape only, avoiding a cloth tape or yardstick, which would not provide accurate numbers.

Shade Width

The width of the roller shades would be based on the width of the window, taken in three separate spots (top, middle, and bottom). What you want to do is go with the lowest number of the three and then add 1/8-inch. For the height measurement, the window opening would need to be measured, again in three separate places. However, the difference is that for height, you should use the greater number, again making sure you round to the nearest 1/8-inch. With these measurements, you can choose the best fitting roller shades, providing optimal privacy, and light filtering.