Buying Roller Shades

Are you tired of the same old look on your windows, eager for a change? If so, you might look at the new options of roller shades now on the market. While roller shades have been around for a long time, they are now new and improved. This means you still get the timeless design but with a little more pizzazz. Roller shades are still classy but with easier to use roller mechanisms, new colors, new accents, and new materials, they are hard to beat.


The nice thing about using roller shades is that they are affordable and can add just the right touch of softness or boldness to a room. Many times, people will couple roller shades with sheers or curtains although they can be used as a stand-alone window treatment. While considered simple, roller shades are very effective. You could choose from standard colors that just soften the room's light or go with a special type of shades that help darken the room, which is a great choice for people who sleep during the day.

Reduce Glare

If you have a home that faces west, you might need roller shades that cut glare. With this, you would still enjoy sunshine, but not so intense so the room is more enjoyable. Because roller shades are easy to use, you can adjust the openness to control both light and privacy. For instance, if you wanted a little bit of morning sunshine, then you could open the shades six inches. However, if you wanted full sun, the shades could be opened fully.


As stated, roller shades are also an excellent option for people needing privacy. If you have a bedroom or bathroom facing a neighbor's home, roller shades could be kept in the down position. The result would be a softening of light but complete privacy. In fact, you could still lift the roller shades about two to three inches so you have some light but still enough privacy.

Opaque Look

Unlike other types of window blinds, roller shades are made specifically to provide an opaque look. Often, the material used is vinyl, which is then wrapped around a dowel. This system is then placed on a beaded cord or spring system, which allows the vinyl fabric to be rolled up or pulled down. If you want something simple, you could choose roller shades of white vinyl. However, if you prefer something with a little more life, roller shades come in a number of patterns and styles. In fat, you might choose a subtle color with a vibrant trim.


Sometimes, roller shades are sold so they can be cut by the purchaser. Let us say you had windows 32 inches long but the shortest shade you could find was 36 inches. Depending on the design, you may be able to cut off the additional length. Finally, considering that roller shades are so affordable, they make a great addition to homes, offices, or apartments.