Curtain Types

If you are thinking about changing the appearance of your windows, you will be amazed by the huge list of curtain types. Each has a distinctive look that can change the overall appearance. As you will discover, all you need to do is consider the window style, the size, and the room so you can then choose the type of curtain that will complement the room most.


First, there are curtains that come lined or unlined. If the curtain is lined, it has a second layer of fabric or a special backing. The benefit of a lined curtain is that you get better light control and privacy, as well as energy efficiency. The unlined curtains are those that are just one layer. If the curtains are made from a heavy material such as velvet, jacquard, and similar types, then you would still have good light control and privacy. However, most unlined curtains are thinner, used to add color and style to a window with shutters or blinds.


Another type of curtain is the pleated option. With this, the curtain has decorative pleats at the top, which create a gathered look. Most often, this type of curtain is used for formal rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms, or studies. Within the pleated curtain are a number of specific styles to include box pleats, those with precise gathering, goblet pleats, which are for heavier and fancier material, pencil pleats that are tight pleating, as well as small and French pleats.


Panel curtains are among the most commonly used, which go from the top of the curtain rod to the floor. Panels are simply two separate panels of material that can be pulled together when shut, pulled apart, or draped back with some type of tieback. Depending on the color, material, and design, panels curtains can be used to decorate a formal or informal room. Some people will add a valance to the top of the panel although they can be left as is.

Lace and Sheer

Then, there are lace and sheer types of curtains. Most often, these are made from light, translucent material that creates an airy, billowy appearance. While lace curtains are typically a little thicker, they still give an open, clean, but air look. Often, these will be used over shutters or shades to add a little color. As with panel curtains, sheer and lace curtains also work well with a valance or scarf, or they can be left on their own.