Sun Car Blinds

Today, you will find a number of auto blinds, which work to keep hot sun's rays from heating up the interior of the car, as well as helping with glare. One of the best options are known as AutoSun blinds, which are made with high quality material and up-to-date technology. Some of the benefits to AutoSun blinds include the poly-silk material, which is retractable, heat reduction capabilities, and the see-through fabric for better visibility.

Autosun Blinds

AutoSun blinds are designed to fit almost all American cars, as well as those made in Japan and Europe. Best of all, these blinds can be installed in little time, using simple tools and included hardware. Sizes come in 39, 43, and 47-inch models, which range in price from $30 to $50 depending on where you buy.

Custom Blinds

Keep in mind that many people will choose black but you can have AutoSun blinds customized. For instance, if you wanted words or a company logo imprinted, this can be done for an additional price. You will also find this product sold directly from the manufacturer or you can check out other online vendors who support this product, which could mean somewhat of a cost savings.

Single Blinds

You can also purchase a single blind to fit the front or back window, or if you prefer, choose a set. Typically, the set would come with both front and back AutoSun blinds, along with side blinds. Again, the blinds block out heat and solar rays that make cars uncomfortable. Let us say you live in a western state such as Arizona or Texas where summers are hot! Instead of stepping into a stifling car, you could protect the interior with AutoSun blinds.

Another benefit is that AutoSun blinds protect your interior. This means the dashboard and seats are much less likely to crack, peel, or fade. Obviously, for a small investment, you would save tremendous money in having to replace something damaged. With AutoSun blinds, you can do you and your car a favor by reducing the temperature and glare.

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