Car Blinds and Shades

One of the most persistent problems for people traveling in vehicles and the vehicles themselves is avoiding the power of the sun. For adults, the sun can result in sun burns and irritation even through windows. Infants and kids may not be able to do anything to shade themselves. In addition, the sun can cause damage to the inside of the vehicle itself. If you are looking for sun protection for either you or your vehicle, you have a surprising amount of choices for an item that can provide you with excellent sun protection. This article will seek to outline some of these choices and will elaborate on them in additional detail.

For cars, there are two basic types of sun protection. These are car blinds and car shades. There are benefits and drawbacks for each one. However, both can provide excellent sun protection for passengers and vehicles.

Car Window Blinds

Car window blinds on the front and rear of the vehicle are used to shade the car when it is not moving. In addition, there are also window blinds that can be used to shade passengers in the vehicle by offering protection on some of the side windows. Car window blinds look like the expandable section of an acordian. They fold up and stay tucked away on the side of the window when a person is driving. They can be easily pulled open, drawn down, and locked in place when the vehicle is parked. These blinds are mounted using mounting brackets that come with most car blinds. These are easy to use, are adjustable, and mount on the edge of most car windows.

Car Shades

Car shades are a lot more popular than car window blinds. When most people think of car shades, they think of the one piece shade that covers the front of the car and shields the car from sun when it is parked. Another type of shade is the pasenger shade. Passenger shades are mounted on the side windows and shade the passenger. There are more details on both types below.

Passenger Shades

The passenger shades are usually about a foot and a half across and rounded so that they cover most of the window. These shades are designed to be mounted on the side windows to protect passengers that sit near them. Although these are realtively small and do not cover the entire window, they are easily adjusted and a quite effective. These types of shades can be attached by suction to the window, or they can be attached by static. Either way they are pretty effective. These cost about $4 to $10 and are often well worth the price. They work with cars, trucks, or SUVs as well.

Vehicle Shades

Vehicle shades are designed to protect the vehicle from sun and light damage when it is parked. They are also helpful in that they prevent the inside of the car or truck from getting too hot by blocking the direct rays of the sun. Most of these shades are not attached, but are instead rolled up or foled accordian style. These are often silver colored to reflect the sun. These can be made out of cardboard or plastic and are relatively inexpensive (often around $10). They can last several years, but often constant use and folding and unfolding brings their useful life to an end. These shades are avilable almost everywhere, but are a necessity in sunny climates.