Window Coverings

When it comes to window covering, your options are better than ever before. In addition to the beautiful styles, amazing colors, and affordability, you can choose from many different designs and materials. Considered a window covering primer, we wanted to address some of these options. You could go with wood or faux wood for a rich elegance or something contemporary such as smooth and shiny aluminum or vinyl.


Let us start with aluminum, which remains one of the most popular choices, especially in the business world. While there are many different size slats, the one-inch seems to take an edge over others. Known more commonly as mini-blinds, they work by adding simplistic style, privacy, and a great barrier to control light. The result is a more functional working place with higher production rates.

Wood and Faux Wood

Of course, wood is always a top choice, dressing up and enhancing the entire appearance of the home. Wood and faux wood add a special richness that is hard to compare to other choices. For instance, you could choose from softwood or hardwood, and even bamboo. Some woods are light, some dark, some have natural grain patterns, and so on. While faux wood blinds are a great choice for rooms with higher humidity such as the bathroom or kitchen, real wood would not be simply because it can rot or split.


Another type of window covering is the shades. These too come in so many incredible possibilities that choosing can sometimes be hard. For example, you might go with a woven or bamboo shade. This look is elegant and perfect for master suites or formal dining rooms. If you want something inexpensive and easy to install, roller shades are perfect. These shades now come in several colors and patterns, all being hung in a matter of minutes.

Honeycomb Shades

Now, if you want shades that cannot just block out sun but actually help lower your monthly energy costs, cellular or honeycomb shades are the ideal solutions. Typically, the fabric is poly cotton, which has been treated so it is now stain resistant. In addition, these window coverings are rated to resist heat flow. However, keep in mind the rating for this will vary between manufacturers so make sure you know exactly what you are buying. Then, both cellular and honeycomb shades have varying levels of transparency, which helps to block out light, great for daytime sleepers.

Other Options

Remember that window coverings are available for sliding glass doors as well in the form of vertical blinds. Although you have a number of options, the most common style is fabric, which has a protective sleeve. However, blinds and shades are available for any room of the house. Regardless of the window size or style, the room’s decor, or even your personal preference, you will find some gorgeous window covering primers that could be used with or without drapes.