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About Top Window Blinds

Top window blinds offers unique articles, product reviews and guides on various window covering topics. The articles that the site offers are broken down into the following categories:


This section provides a quick overview of window blinds, key things to look for, and a basic introduction to window blind use and considerations.

Blind Types

The blind types section explains the many different types of window blinds from slat blinds, mini blinds, and venetion blinds.

Blind Brands

This section explains the variety of brands available for purchase ranging from Hunter Douglas to Levelor.


This buying section outlines what to look for when considering a blinds purchase. Includes costs, materials, and purchase options.


This section provides an A to Z guide for blinds installation. It covers common problems that may arise during the process and explains several things to do in advance to ensure a successful installation experience.


The cleaning section on how to clean window blinds without damaging them. It covers what to do and what not to do along with types of cleaning solutions that can be used.


This section provides an overview of how to repair basic and common blinds problems on your own.

Window Coverings

This section contains articles about shades, curtains, and other window coverings that offer a complement to window lbinds for homes.