Professional Blind Cleaning

Although there are ways to clean blinds without assistance, sometimes it can be too hard or time consuming to clean the blinds. In this case, a call to a professional might be in order. A professional blind cleaning serice can be particularly helpful for businesses or other customers.

Are there different ways to have blinds cleaned?

Yes, the cleaning methodology depends on the type of material that the blinds are made of. For example, if wooden blinds get wet, many times, they will be ruined. This rules out a water based cleaning method.

How Does it Work

Generally, when a professional blinds cleaner comes to your house, he or she will look at the blinds and determine the method of cleaning. There are different methods depending on the material that the blinds are made of. Next, he or she will take the blinds down and either clean them by hand, use a chemical treatment, or use a machine to clean them. If you can take your blinds down, you can bring them into this person's office for cleaning.

What is the cost?

A professional blinds cleaner can be costly. This is because the person has to cover the costs for his time, gas for the drive out to your location, the cost of tools and machinery, and finally make a profit. Sometimes a cleaning can cost 50 to 100 per hour along with an on site visit fee of 20 to 40 dollars.

Are there other services that the pros can offer?

Yes, many professionals can offer window cleaning services, blind repair, installation, or other complementary tasks. There are even some companies that offer complementary services like gutter cleaning, vent cleaning, or air filters.

Is there a way to offer these services?

Yes, there are companies that help people start blinds cleaning business in order to sell them equipment and supplies.

Where can I get more information on blind cleaning services?

We have added a couple of links at the bottom of this article that contain additional information.

Dirty Blinds: offers information on blind cleaning, a directory of local service providers, and tips for starting a blinds cleaning business.

Squeaky Clean: Northen California based blinds cleaner and service provider. Web site contains pricing, approach, and cleaning information.