How to Clean Blinds

Millions of homes across the country have blinds, which can create added privacy, help cut back on utility costs, and enhance the beauty of a home. However, just as with everything, blinds get dirty. Because there are so many different types of blinds to include wood, fabric, vinyl, aluminum, and so on, each needs to be cleaned accordingly. By taking a few steps to keep dirt and dust off the blinds, they will look great and last longer.

Aluminum or Vinyl Blinds

For starters, if you have aluminum or vinyl blinds, the best method of cleaning is simply use a soft, clean dust cloth. Something like a clean cloth diaper or soft paper towels would work perfect. Just spray on a little bit of dusting spray and then wipe the blinds from one end to the other end. In addition, you can use a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner and clean off dust.

To keep your blinds looking new, about twice a year, we suggest you give them a thorough cleaning. For this, fill the bathtub up with warm, soapy water, placing the blinds inside and letting them soak overnight. Using a cleaning cloth, wipe the slats to remove the dirt, rinse with clean, warm water, and then hang them outside to dry. Coupled with occasional cleaning using dusting spray or the vacuum will make a huge difference.

Wood Blinds

Now, if you have wood blinds, the best method of cleaning would be using a soft dust cloth with mild dusting spray, a vacuum with soft-bristle brush attachment, or a duster. With wood, you never want to wash them in water, which would cause warping and/or discoloration. Typically, wood blinds are treated with a special coat to protect them so a quick cleaning with a cloth is all you would need to do in most cases. If you are unsure, check with the manufacturer to see what recommendations they have for any special cleaners.

Fabric Blinds or Shades

For fabric blinds and/or shades, we suggest you use a brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner. Obviously, using a wet cloth would only smear the dirt, making it worse. To make fabric blinds easier to clean, you can spray them with a sealant coat for protection. If you find that your fabric blinds are stained, we recommend you use a mixture of warm water and mild dishwashing soap such as Palmolive or Dove to spot clean. Chances are the stain will come right out, leaving with you beautiful blinds. Remember, every type of blind has a little different need so if you are ever unsure, just ask the manufacturer.

Additional Information

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