Tips for Cleaning Drapes

To keep your windows looking beautiful, it is important to keep the curtain cleaned. Depending on the material, some curtains such as cotton or polyester sheers can simply be tossed in the washing machine whereas other heavier materials need special cleaning. Once done, the entire window will look much nicer. Too often, people overlook the importance of cleaning but remember, they hang all year, collecting dust.

Professional Cleaning

One option is to hire a professional cleaning company. For more expensive draperies or materials, you can have a company come into the home with special equipment and products that allow cleaning to be done while the curtain is still hung. Another option is to spend money to take the curtains down and have them dry cleaned.

Washing and Drying

Keep in mind that seldom are curtains of any material preshrunk. Therefore, you could be taking a risk in washing and drying. Then, some of the heavier, more formal curtains would lose their shape or pleating so again, you want to be careful in what you do and do not wash. Finally, some curtains are made from materials that have dyes for vibrant color and when washed, they bleed or fade.

The best way to clean curtains is with a professional service. One option is the company coming out to your home or place of business, removing the drapes to take back to the place where they are cleaned, and then have them returned in a few days and re-hung. Typically, this is the more expensive option but for many, it makes much more sense than anything else.

On Site Cleaning

The other possibility is hiring a professional that will do the cleaning onsite. With this, the curtain is never taken down. Instead, the professionals would bring everything needed to do the cleaning in the home or office. A special spray is applied to the curtains, which is then vacuumed off. This substance helps to pull any dirt or debris from the fibers, leaving the curtains clean and fresh.

Steam Cleaning

However, steam cleaning is also a popular method used by professional curtain cleaners. In this case, a steam machine has an attachment that is run over the hung drapes. The benefit with steam is that not only do the curtains become beautifully cleaned they also have any unwanted odors removed, such as pet or tobacco. Just remember when hiring a professional curtain cleaner, you need to make sure you choose someone reputable to ensure your curtains will not be damaged.