Online Blinds Retailers Guide

As an alternative to big box stores, local contractors, or local retailers, online retailers have a lot to offer. First, online retailers can offer lower prices since they do not have to have a showroom for people to walk into. Second, since there is not a showroom, they can display products on their web sites from a vast array of manufacturers. Third, almost all of the sizes, including some harder to find sizes may be available online. Finally, these online retailers can display pictures and images of many different products and display these in a searchable and organized form. Online retailers also may not have to charge tax on a transaction.


Although the prices may be more favorable, there can be some drawback buying blinds online. The first and most obvious is the difficulty of doing a return. When you buy something online, you will need to ship it back unless the product is defective or damaged. If there is a defect, the retailer will need to cover the cost. This can be a drawback since you have not yet seen the product. If you get the blinds or window covering installed and do not like it, you may have to go through considerable time or expense to return it. This also applies if the window treatment does not fit. Additionally, it can be difficult to get a sense for how the blinds will look by only viewing online photos and information. Another drawback to buying online can be the shipping costs. When you go into a store, there are no shipping costs for the product.

For many people who are comfortable shopping online, the benefits to using an online retailers often outweigh the drawbacks and the risks. The lower costs and extensive selections can be quite compelling.

The Retailers

In this section, we intend to profile some of the larger web retailers that specialize in window treatments, coverings, and blinds. This list is not exhaustive and is not intended to be a recommendation of a particular retailer. We encourage everyone to do their own research and to shop wisely and carefully. has a very recognizable domain name. By viewing the domain name, you can tell what this company does. In addition, the companies web site is relatively easy to use. The company does price comparisons with other large retailers for some of its products. In addition, the company offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee to help customer minimize purchase risk. The company also has relationships with a lot of installation professionals in many different areas. Moreover, the company offers guides to installing amlost all of its products as well as customer support and assistance.

In terms of products, the company offers blinds from major manufacturers like Graber, Levolor, Hunter Douglas, and Bali. However, does try to use their widely recognized name to push their generic brand. This brand is also a lot cheaper than many of the major manufacturer's comparable products. Online retailer with a good selection of blinds and shades. Tel: 800.505.1905. Address: BLINDS.COM, 4660 Beechnut St., Houston, TX 77096

American Blinds

American Blinds is an experienced online retailer. When you visit their web site, you can tell this. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee, free ground shipping, and a lowest price guarantee. These three things help to assuage customer concerns. The company's toll free 800 number is listed on the site. In addition to blinds, the company offers an additional array of products ranging from wall paper to draperies, bedding, and area rugs. The company is located in Livonia, Michigan and offers frequent promotions, sweepstakes, and a clearance area. Their site is easy to use and prospective buyers can find what they are looking for quickly.

In terms of products, American Blinds also offers brands like Hunter Douglas, Levolor, Kirsch, Comfortex, Nanik, Grabber and Bali. In addition, the company also offers its own line of blinds at a lower cost. The searches are easy to use and you can also search by measurements or type of window covering.

American Blinds: Online retailer with a large selection of home decor products. Tel: 800.442.3919 Address: American Blinds, 31478 Industrial Road, Suite 300, Livonia, MI 48150

Select Blinds

With perhaps one of the most visually appealing sites, Select Blinds offers a positive shopping experience. The company's fonts and images match and make prices and titles easy to read. In addition, the company offers a 150% price match guarantee (they can do this because they carry predominantly their own generic brand and therefore there is nothing to compare it to). In addition, they also have a customer satisfaction guarantee along with free shipping and a lifetime warranty. The web site also offers some helpful installation guides as well as measurement guides. The checkout process was very smooth and intuitive allowing users to select size, mounting types, and colors in a straightforward way.

The company offers a range of blinds and shades as this is their main focus. Unlike other companies, they do not seem to carry the major brands, but only carry their own generic brand. This seems to work for them as they can offer an attractive array of colors, sizes, styles, and prices. Online retailer that carries afforable blinds and shades. Tel: 888.257.1840 Address:, 890 W Elliot Rd, Suite 102, Gilbert, AZ 85233