Box Stores

Box stores can be an attractive option for people who want to purchase blinds. When we talk about box stores, we are not talking about local retailers, but are talking about he big chain stores with many stores and many departments. Window coverings would be one department. The big box stores category include stores like Home Depot or Lowes.


Big box stores offer a good middle ground between the online retailers and local retailers. For many people, they offer the best of both worlds. Big Box stores let people actually see and touch and use the blinds before purchasing them (like local retailers). They also still have good prices an a decent selection (like online stores). In addition, Big Box stores often have generous return policies in case you get something you don't like. Some stores also offer services and have people on staff who can answer questions. These staff might not be the most knowledgeable people, but they can field most questions. In addition, the installation team can install your blinds as an added service and could do it pretty well.


The drawbacks to big box stores are often that you do not get the "best" of anything. While these stores often do many things well, you likely won't get the best prices, the best services, or top of the line selection. In addition, if you want to get something really unique, the box stores will likely not carry it since they need to sell the most common items that people will buy. The buying experience is also not necessarily the most pleasant or easy experience.

While there are some drawback to big box stores, for most people, they represent a really good option. These stores give people good customer service, good selection, and good prices. They combine the benefits of affordability with some service and can be quite attractive. If you want to read about other purchasing option, please review the other two articles in this series.