Local Blinds Retailers

If you are located near a major metropolitan area and you are looking for window blinds, you should think about visiting a local retailer. Local retailers can prove to be a valuable resource in your quest for both blinds and home decorating excellence. This article will examine the strengths and drawbacks to buying from a local specialty window coverings retailer. It is important to note that we will not be focusing on the big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot. These will be covered in another article.


A visit to a local retailer can provide a lot of benefits. First, local retailers can offer customized service that online retailers and big box stores often can not or do not. Local retailers can provide individualized attention and give prospective customers a chance to see and touch the product before buying it. A local retailer can be a helpful place to go in order for a consumer to consider options and visualize blinds in showroom environment. Second, a local retailer often is able to provide installation service and consulting in addition to selling blinds. These service can provide a lot of added value for many people. Third, local retailers may also be able to provide design and decorating resources along with blinds or blinds installation. This can help a home owner think of other things and realize the full value of a purchase. Finally, it can also be a lot easier to deal with someone that you can visit, talk to, and return the products to if necessary.


There are also many drawbacks to going to a local retailer. First, you will likely not be getting the best pricing. Since local retailers do not have buying clout, they do not offer generic brands that cost less than the major brands. Second, local retailers may not have an extensive selection of products on hand - they will only carry some styles and items. Third local retailer may only specialize in one manufacturer or one style of blinds. In addition, a local retialer may not offer price and warranty guarantees that the box stores or online retailers may offer.

Despite the drawbacks, it makes sense for most people to visit a local retailer. It is a good idea to do this if you are not knowledgeable about blinds, would like to see how they look, or need installation assistance. It can also make sense if you require more individual or personalize attention. If you are happy with what the retailer offers, you may just want to purchase the blinds from them as a matter of convenience.