Blind Selection Guide

Chances are if you have been out shopping for new blinds, you feel a little confused or at least overwhelmed. Never before, have there been so many incredible styles. In addition to new materials, you now have a choice of colors, patterns, and styles. To make the process a little easier, we did some homework for you. With the right type of blinds, your home will look amazing and actually provide you and your family with more protection from light and people.

Fit and Size

One of the most important aspects of choosing new blinds has to do with fit. You would be surprised at the number of people that buy blinds that are close to the right size. However, in addition to looking funny, ill-fitting blinds leave gaps, perfect for incoming heat or prying eyes. Therefore, take measurements exactly for both width and height. In fact, we suggest you measure in three different places in that not all windows are square. Then, use the largest measurement, never rounding up or down.


In addition to the right size, your blinds should do what they are designed to do block out light while controlling privacy. Many rooms of the house need better coverage such as the bedrooms and bathrooms. For this, blinds are an excellent option. You will even find new styles of blinds on the market that are made without rout holes, which means seeing inside the home is impossible. Blinds are also great for people that sleep during the day, blocking out a good portion of the sun to help darken the room.

Insulating Blinds

Blinds are an exceptional option for helping to conserve energy as well. For people living in regions of the country where extreme climates exist, it is quite possible that significant energy is being lost through the window. The good news is that you can purchase special insulating blinds that are designed specifically for lower energy bills. These blinds are made with special material that works exceptionally well.

Room Decor

Finally, you want to choose the best style and design for your needs. With so many beautiful choices, you could easily enhance the look and functionality of your room with a number of options. We suggest you consider the room's decor and architectural features, choosing the type of blinds that would look best. For example, if you tend to go with neutral colors, wood blinds would be gorgeous, offering a rich and sophisticated look. However, if you have a child's room, then go with color.