Vertilux Blinds

Although not the largest company, Vertilux is known around the world as a manufacturer and distributor of wood slats, aluminum, fabrics, and even materials and other components relating to window treatments. Although this company specializes on blinds, they also offer a wide range of other solutions that work beautifully in any home, regardless of style. Since the company is not one of the "Major brands," the company has a good deal more flexibility and originality in its designs. We have them here because they are worth a look.


For more than 20 years, Vertilux has been leading the way with its headquarters in Florida. While not one of the oldest blind and shade manufacturers, Vertilux Blinds is staffed by professionals that can offer consumers quality support. Because of the refined products and wonderful selection, Vertilux Blinds sells in more than 75 countries to include Asia, Europe, Australia, Mexico, Spain, among others.


When it comes to high quality materials, top workmanship, and some of the most incredible custom window treatments available, you should spend some time to look at what Vertilux can offer. Remember, some of the products are perfect for practical solutions, helping to control light and provide privacy while other window treatments are designed to make your windows the focal point of the room with elegance and sophistication.


The foam wood blinds are considered one of the greatest products, made from only the best quality, kiln-dried hardwoods available such as basswood and ramin. Then, these blinds are finished with your choice of stains or if you prefer eight beautiful colors. In fact, you can even choose decorative tapes, creating a streamlined look. While some people will choose the more economical pull system, this does come with the electronic system as well.

Then, the cellular blinds manufactured by Vertilux are among the best. For this, you can chose from single or multiple cells, while enjoying the clean lines of the slim profile. Other benefits to choosing this particular blind are the strength and durability, your choice of privacy, blackout, and translucent fabrics and of course, the energy efficient style from UV rays.

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