Velux Blinds

Blinds and shades manufactured by Velux always mean top quality materials and workmanship. In addition to blinds and shades, Velux also offers consumers skylights windows and more. What makes Velux stand out from other competitors is the quality of light enjoyed, regardless of space. For instance, you could choose a revolutionary skylight as well as the blinds to go along with it to add control for both comfort and efficiency.


Velux Blind Company was first established in 1975, which has since grown into an international business. Known as a top leader when it comes to roof windows and skylights, you can feel confident with every purchase backed by an excellent guarantee. Because of the promise of ongoing service and outstanding quality, Velux Blind Company is a favorite choice.


Velux Blind Company is operated by trained and skilled professionals, dedicated to every customer, whether a residential homeowner or building industry. The possibilities for changing the look and function of your home are amazing by using products made and sold by Velux Blinds. Again, in addition to beauty, you also know every product sold is the best it can be.


For starters, Venetian blinds are the perfect solution for controlling light during the daytime. This means people who work nights, babies that need a darker room, or even rooms where there is too much sunlight would benefit greatly from Venetian blinds. Additionally, this style of blinds is a great option for privacy as well. Therefore, if you have a room whereby prying eyes could see in, you would simply close the blinds.

You will also find that Velux blinds come in a number of controls. For instance, the electric controls are a convenient and reliable solution. With this, you can have blinds installed on your roof window or skylight and with the touch of a button open or close them to the desired amount. However, you could also choose manual controls, which are a more economical option that also works well for roof lights and skylights.

Glass Glazing Options

If you decide to have the Velux Blind Company install new skylights, you will appreciate the variety of glazing options for the glass. In this case, there is Safeglass, which is an innovative and electronically tinted glass. Another great option is called Miami Dade Glass a special glass that is made to handle high velocity hurricanes, thus the name. Perhaps you want impact glass designed again for people that live in areas of hurricanes. Finally, Comfortplus glass is Velux Blind's energy efficient solution, which is laminated and tempered.

Additional Information

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