Nanik Window Blinds

Nanik, a product line by manufacter Spring Global (a subsidiary of a larger South American company), is primarily composed of wood and faux wood blinds. The Nanik line is reasonably well known. Since it is a line produced by a larger consumer products company, there will be a lot of support available along with dealer options. It is often quite easy for dealers to carry Nanik if they carry other lines. Springs Global also has the followin major brand names: Wamsutta, Springmaid, Artex, Regal, and Dundee.


The Nanik product line evokes a sense of durability and ruggedness that people have come to associate with the look of wood blinds. The Nanik line goes will with rustic looks along with many other wood based decorating schemes. Nanik has been around for a little while and is known by many homeowners. Other blinds types other than wood can be found under other Springs Global brands like Graber and Bali.


The full range of blind options also makes Nanik Blinds a top contender. For example, all of the rustic blinds are hand selected from the finest, 100% basswood. This wood is used by Nanik due to the incredible knots, mineral marks, and cross-grain patterns. However, the basswood is only available on the two-inch blinds. However, Nanik Natural blinds come in 13 colors, which are warm and inviting.

You might also prefer the SureClose aluminum headrail on the two-inch blinds, which is an excellent solution for providing a light-blocking lip. For people who sleep during the day or perhaps for a baby's room, these blinds can be opened to allow light in, or closed for a better fit, thus blocking light out.

Nanik Blinds is also well known for the Timberline series of blinds. In this case, you could choose horizontal blinds, which are made from authentic wood. The result is a strong, durable, and stable window treatment. Another Timberline blind is the custom option, which lets you choose from a nice variety of stains and paints. No matter your choice, you will enjoy the solid backing of every blind sold by Nanik.

Additional Information

Nanik: Web site has a product listing, images, customer support, and measuring instruction guides.