Kirsch Blinds

Kirsch is one of the leading companies when it comes to blinds and other window treatments. The first flat curtain rod was designed and invented by Charles Kirsch back in 1907. Soon after, the Kirsch Company was formed. That same year, the first telescoping rod was created, at which time the rods were sold to include special brackets for hanging. Just 12 years later, the company began shipping products around the world.


Then by 1928, the Kirsch Company invented yet another item known as the first adjustable traverse rod. However, one of the more spectacular moments in the company's history was in 1939 when Kirsch rods were used in the famous movie, "Gone with the Wind". By 1995, Kirsch had designed a large line of decorative window hardware to go along with the great selections of window blinds.


Today, the Kirsch Company is well known around the world for beautiful and innovative designs. In addition, this company has moved the bar even higher for competitors by providing consumers with so many great choices. For instance, you will find the cellular line of shades simply stunning. The fabric used is sophisticated, adding a warm and rich appearance to any room with any style. That means whether your home is informal or formal, cellular shades would be an excellent solution.

Product Line

Another very successful line from the Kirsch Company is the real and faux wood blinds. These blinds are special from what other window treatment companies offer in that each of the slats are made individually. The result is a beautiful handcrafted design. Then, you could also go with woven wood, which is a special line that consists of blinds made from reeds, bamboo, and grasses. The difference is a classier and more sophisticated look.

Of course, vertical blinds are very popular and those made by the Kirsch Company are top of the line, fitting perfectly and looking great. Then, metal blinds remain a top seller. At Kirsch, consumers have their choice of more than 70 different designer fabrics, as well as unique textures. Because of such versatility, windows can be given an entirely new look, from contemporary to transitional to rustic. Regardless of your choice, you will fall in love with the beautiful options provided by Kirsch, as well as the excellent support from a top team of professionals.

More Information

Kirsch: Web site contains ideas, photos, dealer locator, and information on blinds and parts.