Graber Blinds

When it comes to quality window treatments, Graber blinds have taken a large portion of the market. Whether you need contemporary, elegant, casual, or even rustic style blinds, Graber has a large selection from which to choose. Of course, this company also offers excellent customer support. Therefore, if you were unsure what type of blind to choose, the professional staff would be happy to provide guidance.


Graber blinds come in many beautiful solutions such as wood blinds. Today, we see wood blinds becoming more and more popular simply due to their versatility. Graber wood blinds are available in both faux and composite wood, offering a distinctive look that is hard to match. As with other materials, you would have your choice of a variety of wood options and sizes.

Product Lines

For example, the Graber Traditions Westmont Collection is remarkable. In this case, the blinds provide top privacy, as well as insulation and light control. The appearance of these blinds is warm and inviting, making your home feel comfortable. You could also choose from the Lake Forest Faux blinds, which have the look and feel of real wood but the advantages of vinyl, meaning you avoid cracking, discoloration, splitting, and so on. The Crystal Lake Collection is another offering by Graber in which the blinds are made from composite material with a realistic wood grain design.

Graber is also known around the world for their horizontal blinds. For instance, the aluminum blinds offer the traditional look that so many people love. The difference however is that the new design provides far more privacy, light control, and durability. Of course, these blinds, as well as all Graber blinds are extremely easy and convenient to operate. The vinyl horizontal blinds are another top choice, which come in mini-blind style with a variety of colors.

Finally, Graber offers a wide selection of vertical blinds, which are the perfect solution for sliding glass doors, French doors, and even some taller windows. In this case, you might consider the vinyl blinds, which are sophisticated and sleek. In addition to the dramatic effect, these blinds also offer excellent light control and privacy while being easy to clean. Then, the fabric vertical blinds are also a favorite choice, which come in a variety of exquisite designs. This way, you can match both color and design to the decorum of the room for a professional and elegant look.

Additional Information

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