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When it comes to custom window treatments, Comfortex Window Fashions is the leading manufacturer. With its headquarters located in New York near Albany, the company offers consumers a wide range of pleated and cellular shades, as well as shutters, wood blinds, cellular vertical blinds, and even sheer window shades. In addition to Comfortex Window products being sold around the United States, products are also sold in more than 50 countries.


The unmatched customer satisfaction and support makes Comfortex Window Fashions one of the most respected companies in the industry. Every product is made with only the finest materials and workmanship, and then backed by an outstanding guarantee. This way, consumers know their hard-earned money is respected and going toward a product that will last while enhancing the appearance of the home or office.

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You will also discover Comfortex Window Fashions associated with a number of organizations, again ensuring buyers that they are getting their money's worth. For instance, this company coordinates efforts with The Window Covering Safety Council, which is committed to keeping children protected from the dangers of cords. Sadly, too many children have been strangulated or injured because of a lack of education pertaining to cords but Comfortex makes sure parents have the knowledge about their products so they can enjoy them without fear.

Additionally, Comfortex Window Fashions works with energy efficientcy in mind. The company was originally started as a consortium between government and business to develop energy efficient products. Today, the company offers a number of energy efficient products such as the cellular blinds and shades. These window treatments are made to block out light, provide privacy, but also to keep hot or cold air on the outside so the inside of the home remains more comfortable.

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Remember, your windows are the eyes to the home so you want them to look beautiful from the outside, as well as from the inside. Because Comfortex Blinds offer so many options, it is easy to capture your own personal style or needs. Additionally, the products offered by this company come in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes, designs textures, and of course colors. The result is being able to create whatever mood you want, whether vibrant or relaxing.

Without doubt, blinds and shades manufactured by Comfortex Blinds are innovative and well worth the investment. With products made so well and in so many options, you will have gorgeous window treatments for each room of your home for years down the road.

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