Bali Blinds

If you were thinking of changing the look of your windows, you will find you have some excellent choices. However, we strongly recommend you look at the possibilities offered by Bali, which creates inspirational blinds that are truly one of a kind. The designs by Bali are fresh, exciting, and trendy, making them a favorite company from which to buy. No matter the style of your home or personal preference, you will find exactly what you need with Bali.


Although you could choose blinds from any company, if you want quality, affordability, and real solutions, Bali is a great option. The styles provided by Bali are ingenious and with a line of do-it-yourself projects, you can measure your windows, buy the blinds wanted, and in no time, hang them on your own for a beautiful new look. This type of product allows you to hang blinds with confidence, while enjoying professional looking results.


Horizontal blinds by Bali are one of the most popular. For instance, you could go with a one-inch vinyl style, which is the best solution for rooms with moisture or humidity such as the kitchen and bathroom. The look of this size blind is sleek while providing excellent light-blocking qualities. Of course, the two-inch vinyl blind is also a favorite choice. The only difference between the two is that you have larger slats, which means when in the open position, you also have a better view to the outside world.

Another popular option from Bali is the one-half inch micro aluminum. This size blind slat is small but the design is perfect for a contemporary style room. Then, you could choose the one-inch aluminum slats that come in a beautiful array of colors. These blinds have a special surface means less dusting while also enjoying blinds that are both scratch and stain resistant.

You might also look at the two-inch aluminum blinds by Bali. Just as with the vinyl blinds of this size, when they are in the open position, the view to the outside is more open. Therefore, if you want blinds that will offer the best light possible, we recommend the two-inch blinds, no matter the material chosen. Remember, in addition to aluminum and vinyl, you could go with a number of other materials to include wood and bamboo.

Then, dual headrail aluminum is the perfect solution if you have skylights. With these Bali blinds allow you the ability to enjoy the light from your skylight while also having the option of closing it down. This way, you can have better control over the sun and heat that comes in from above, making the room more comfortable. Finally, incline wire aluminum are slats made from six-gauge aluminum. Although these blinds are not for every window, they do work exceptionally well for windows with a 45-degree vertical angle, as well as for skylights.

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