Window Types

Windows allow natural light into a home and when opened, fresh air. However, if you have ever shopped around, you already know that there are many different types of windows. If you were thinking about having new windows installed in your home, then it would be important to know what all the different options include. The next few sections will outline these different window types and styles.

Clerestory Window

First, there is the clerestory window, which is shallow and near the ceiling. Often, this type of window is used in the sloped area of a beamed ceiling or in a basement. With a clerestory window, you do not have to worry much about privacy issues. However, there are sometimes problems with glare. Therefore, many people will choose to cover venetian blinds as the best solution for covering this type of window.


Another window type is the Palladian, which is also known as the arched top or Venetian. With this, the window is made with an arched head and lower part divided into three areas by two mullions. Most often, these windows are designed with one, center light, as well as two sidelights. Usually, these windows are left uncovered but they can be treated with some types of curtains.

Glass Window

The glass window is yet another option to consider. With this option, there are windows grouped together to create one, large window. Of all window types, this one can be challenging to cover. Often, the windows treatments on the market are not wide enough. However, you could use a series or smaller blinds, which help control light and add privacy.

Picture Windows

Then for picture windows or large, sliding glass windows, you have an aluminum framed, glazed window. The picture window is simply a great way to provide view to the outside whereas a sliding glass window opens and closes, giving you access to an outside area. These can be covered with fabric curtains, blinds, or shutters. Many window treatments can be used, simply based on personal preference.

Dormer Window

The dormer window is vertical for a sloping room. If the window has solid sides, then it could be treated with blinds made specific for this window type but if the sides are glazed, it would be best left alone.

Double Hung Window

There is the double hung window, which has both an upper and lower sash. Because this type of window is standard, you could use drapes, curtains, shades, or blinds, whatever creates the look you like best

Swing Casement

For the out swing casement, the windows is opened outward with a crank. Usually, nets or sheers look best. There is also the in swing casement, in which the window opens inward. Most often, shutters on the outside wall work best to avoid interfering with the window operation.

Ranch Windows

Ranch windows are placed high off the floor and usually, a blind with a long cord is the best window treatment option.

Awning Window

The awning window has horizontal sashes that open at an angle and outward. Typically, blinds or sheers work best.


Then for Jalousie windows, the window is fixed or movable with horizontal strips of glass that slow upward. Because these windows are used primarily for ventilation, it is important to use some type of airy material.