Curtain and Drape Materials

One of the beautiful things about curtains is that they are made from so many materials. For this reason, a person can end up with the perfect look. For instance, if someone wanted a formal, sophisticated look, then jacquard is perfect. However, if a homeowner wants an airy look, one that would complement blinds, then sheers would be the better choice. As you will discover, there are many wonderful materials for curtains and drapes.

Light and Sheer

For curtains that fall softly to create an airy and beautiful look, then fabrics that are light and sheer work. These fabrics provide movement, which could be used for both formal and informal rooms. Then, there are materials a little heavier, that also provide some movement but not quite as much as you would get from sheers. In either case, you have a more relaxed look, which is highly versatile.

One way to enjoy lighter curtains or drapes while still allowing for flow but with a little more structure is to choose a second fabric underneath. For instance, you could choose sheers are the first layer and then a middle weight material on top. That way, you have the airy look and feel you want but you could then draw back the heavier material to block out light and create privacy.


You can also look at materials for curtains and drapes that are lined. These are lined using a special type of material that has multiple purposes. For one, the lined curtains do block out light better than anything else does. Second, these curtains are perfect for the ultimate in privacy. Third, lined curtain material is great for saving energy.

Many of the lighter weight materials used for curtains and drapes include muslin, silk, and fine cotton. Then for sheers, you typically see curtains made from polyester, voile, or lace. Another option is the medium weight material, which is stiffer. Often these curtains would be made from silk damask, silk taffeta, cotton or linen blends, and wool twill.

Heavier Materials

Of course, there are some cases when heavier curtains are required. In this case, the material often consists of chenille, tapestry, herringbone cotton, brocade, velvet, wool damask, and velvet. Usually, the heavier material is used for dens, studies, and formal rooms. Because of the heaviness of the material, these curtains stay in place quite well.