Window Blinds and Light Control

When it comes to controlling light in a room, the style and material are what is most important, not color as many people believe. Of course, if the goal of buying blinds is to darken a room, perhaps a bedroom for someone who works nights, then color would be important. However, for every day purchase, other factors need to be considered for achieving the right level of light control.

Black Color Blinds

Now, if you have been looking at black blinds, you need to know there is a huge difference between these and "blackout" blinds. For instance, if the goal of buying blinds is to block out sun completely, then blackout blinds are the option to choose. Just make sure you understand each blind because different manufacturers use different terms. However, if you are looking for a way of cutting back light but then having the opportunity to open them for a lot of light, black blinds would work.

Although it might seem strange to purchase black blinds, the truth is that black goes with everything. You can buy black blinds made from aluminum, vinyl, faux wood, and other materials. Whether the room is country, traditional, contemporary, European, Mediterranean, or some other style, black blinds work. These can enhance the appearance of the room, whether hung alone or with draperies.

Now, if you are in the market for buying black blinds such as blackout to control light, you will need to make sure you go through a few steps to ensure you get exactly what you need. For starters, make sure you choose blinds that have the right measurement between slats. Any gaps with the slats or on the side of the blinds will allow light to filter in. Therefore, you need to choose the right slat measurement and make sure you go with an outside mount over an inside mount, which will also help with light control.

Blinds Without Strings

Another consideration is that blinds made without strings are better for controlling light. Although the holes are small, they still let small flecks of light into the room. The best option is faux wood or wood blinds that are routeless. This means a tighter fit without the tiny holes. Of course, if the fabric of the blinds is sheer, then more light will come in. Therefore, choose the type of blinds that are made from dense material.

Blackout Blinds

For complete light control, blackout blinds are the ideal solution. These blinds are made with a special layer that helps block out sunlight. The key however, is choosing the right company from which to buy. The reason is that some companies will advertise blackout but without producing a quality product.