Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are somewhat different from your typically style of window blinds. The history of these blinds is quite interesting. For instance, Venetian merchants traveling into the Far East made this amazing discovery. From that time forward, Venetian blinds were used in homes and businesses. In fact, today the Venetian blind remains a wonderful choice, favored for their simplicity and excellent protection from the harsh sun's rays.

Slat Adjustment

With Venetian blinds, you get slats consisting of horizontal and overlapping material. With this particular design, protection from the sun is optimal. On the other hands, the blinds are highly functional in that they can be opened to provide you with a clear view to the outdoors. If you choose to keep the blinds closed, sun will be filtered out and privacy achieved. However, on days when you want the morning sun or on rainy days when you simply want to look outside at the clouds and lightening, the blinds would be pulled open.

Slat Adjustment

The nice aspect of Venetian blinds is that the slat adjustment can be made slowly, giving you many different positions. With this, you can work the blinds until you find the amount of sunlight right for you. When shopping around for Venetian blinds, you will discover they fall within four specific categories. First, you have wooden Venetian blinds, which are made from different types of soft and hardwoods. The advantage to wood is the elegant and rich look it presents. The downside is that wooden Venetian blinds rank high for pricing but they are worth the investment.

Lightweight Aluminum

The second type of Venetian category is lightweight aluminum. Years ago, aluminum blinds were boring but today, they are sold in many beautiful colors, patterns, and sizes. Therefore, you can create a romantic setting, decorate a baby's room, spruce up an outdated family room, or go with something sophisticated for a formal room. The greatest benefit to aluminum blinds is price, which is generally very affordable.

PVC Material

Your next option for Venetian blinds includes those made from PVC. Again, this option is affordable but in addition, benefits would consist of practicality and durability. The result is a gorgeous window blind that will last for years to come. Finally, you have the mini-blind category. With this style of blind, the slats are extremely narrow. Although you could use mini-blinds anywhere, people generally choose them because of their high level of light protection. With so many great choices of Venetian blinds, you are sure to find the perfect addition to your home.