Bamboo Blinds

Today's market features all types of wonderful window treatments but one of the most gorgeous and best-kept secrets are blinds made from bamboo. You can choose a wide range of colors, patterns, styles, and sizes. Depending on the type of bamboo blinds you go with, you might end up with something from China, Vietnam, or some other country, each with distinct characteristics.

Just as with any type of blinds, when buying those made from bamboo, you want the best quality you can afford. That means in addition to the actual body or slats, the head rails, wand, cord locks, bottom rail, and other features are quality made. Remember, even though bamboo blinds offer a rich appearance, not every brand is created equal. Therefore, you want to shop around for pricing but also for quality.

Main Considerations

When choosing new bamboo blinds, some considerations include privacy, maintenance free, natural material, manual versus motorized roll up mechanisms, and more. Many times, bamboo blind manufacturers will offer a limited lifetime warranty as well. Keep in mind that in addition to the natural or rich hued colors, you will also find white, off-white, pink, red, blue, and many other wonderful colors. In addition, some manufacturers of bamboo blinds offer an optional privacy liner, which blocks out even more light, perfect for the daytime sleeper or an infants room.

The one aspect of bamboo blinds that is hard to beat is the visually pleasing effect. Even colored or patterned bamboo blinds have a unique look that adds richness and elegance to a room. Many people will choose bamboo simply because of its natural element. For instance, if you love Feng Shui, which is the Asian belief of harmony and balance, natural elements such as bamboo are vital. Regardless, whether used with or without drapery, bamboo blinds are a great choice.


One of the more rustic looks associated with bamboo blinds is the knotty or tortishell pattern, which has light and dark designs. However, if you prefer something more on the classic side, then honey colored blinds would be perfect. Keep in mind that bamboo blinds also work well for homes near the water. Let us say you had a beachside home. Hanging whitewashed or light blue bamboo blinds would create a great nautical background.

Environmentally Friendly

Most bamboo blinds are dense and durable, making them an excellent choice for the money. Bamboo is also a favorite for people who support the environment in that it is a fast-growing tree, usually reaching maturity between four to six years. Hardwood used for blinds and other home products takes between 40 and 120 years for maturity, depending on the type of wood. Since bamboo is so easy to grow, fields are replenished so no harm comes to the environment.