Faux Wood Blinds

Today, one of the most popular types of window treatments is wood blinds. While beautiful and diverse, wood blinds have some drawbacks in that they can fade, warp, or even rot over time. Because of the high demand, manufacturers have now come up with a new alternative in the form of faux wood blinds. Making this option so incredible are the low price and the look and feel of real wood.


Many times, people want to hang wood blinds in a bathroom or kitchen but due to high moisture content, the wood cannot hold up. However, with faux wood blinds, you would still get the warm, rich appearance while not battling the effects of high moisture or humidity. Faux wood blinds are also a great solution for areas of the home with high traffic. For instance, if you have a kitchen door that is opened and shut many times throughout the day, you want blinds that can handle the movement, bumping, opening, and closing. In this case, faux wood blind would be ideal.

Faux Wood Materials

When shopping around for faux wood blinds, you will find they come in a number of possibilities. For example, you could choose a solid vinyl or if you prefer, vinyl coupled with real wood. The difference by choosing the vinyl and wood is that you get some of the true characteristics of the wood while enjoying the strength, durability, and resilience of the vinyl. For this reason, many people are now choosing the combination option.

Vinyl and Wood

Typically, faux wood blinds are more affordable than 100% wood but keep in mind if you go with a combination of vinyl and wood, the price will be slightly higher than all vinyl. With these types of blinds, you would usually find them sold with a three-inch valance. Another beautiful feature you might try to find is the trapezoid bottom rails, designed so the slats fit closer and tighter together. The result is much more privacy, as well as insulation against the hot sun or cold wind.

Another difference you would find between wood and faux wood blinds is that wood works as a stiffener, meaning there are more strings to help support the weight of the slats. However, with faux wood blinds, the material for the slats is much lighter so you have the design featuring fewer strings. As you can imagine, the appearance is much cleaner. Then, if you want, you could also go with color tapes on your faux wood blinds, which is an excellent way to incorporate patterns and color into the room.


There are many different manufacturers of faux wood blinds so always ask questions, check the reputation of the company, and make sure you are offered a solid warrant/guarantee. We recommend you start with some of the wood blind manufacturers, which have also become involved with making faux wood blinds. With these blinds being more affordable, you can update your entire home instead of just a few windows.