Custom Blinds

Nothing says class like custom window blinds. In addition to getting exactly what you want, custom blinds are also great for hard-to-fit windows. For instance, a standard long window measures 84 inches. However, if you have a window that measures 80 inches, you would need to buy custom blinds or go with blinds that you can cut off. The same would be true for extra long windows reaching beyond 84 inches. In this case, your only option for blinds would be custom.

Although standard blinds are much more versatile than they were years ago, some people still like the look and functionality of having something custom. With this, you will find your home looks amazingly new and fresh. It is so interesting that you can take down old window treatments, put up custom blinds, and in a matter of minutes, transform your home.


The great thing about custom blinds on the market today is that you do not necessarily have to spend a fortune for high quality or style. In fact, many custom blinds are made from unique materials, some with hand painted motifs or designs. Let us say you had a family room that was rustic. To complement the windows, you could choose custom bamboo blinds or, go with a nice outdoor design. For the baby's nursery, you might choose to have a cradle, flowers, clowns, or something else appropriate designed on the blinds.


Just as with standard blinds, custom blinds come in a wide selection of materials. Some of the more expensive choices include wood and faux wood but keep in mind you could choose blinds made from PVC, aluminum, or vinyl, all excellent choices. In addition to custom blinds having a special look, this might also mean you choose unique size slats. For instance, instead of going with a one or two-inch slatted blind, you might go with a three-inch, giving the windows a heavier look.

Special Hardware

Custom blinds might also include those made with fabric slats or special hardware. For this, while the blinds might come with standard type hardware, if you wanted to upgrade, you could for a small investment. Obviously, no matter the size or material of your custom blinds, you want to buy from a reputable company that is known for selling blinds made from excellent materials and with top workmanship. The exciting thing is that with such a vast selection, you can accomplish just about any look you want.