Home Privacy
Window coverings can be an important part of a privacy plan for a home. If you have nosy neighbors, or if you live in a busy urban location where many people pass by your home, you should get some blinds, shades, or curtains.
One of the most important parts of installing window blinds is measuring the window. You should take very careful measurements of the area where the blinds will go. Obviously, an incorrect measurement will mean that it will not fit into the opening.
Decorate Your Home
Having a home decorating scheme helps to provide a unified theme when you attempt to purchase and place furniture and accents. One key decorative accent that is also quite functional is window blinds. Blinds are important to a decorating scheme since they regulate the amount of light that can enter the room. This can affect the way the room looks in the day time.
Cleaning Guide
Since blinds are located near windows and sometimes a draft, they can easily accumulate dirt and dust. The cleaning process can be somewhat difficult since there is a lot of surface area to cover. The method of cleaning will vary depending on the whether material is aluminum, wood, or vinyl.
If you have horizontal or vertical blinds in your home, you should make sure that they are safe for children. You can increase the safety of your room or window by making sure that cribs and small children are placed away from the window and from the cord.
Important Parts
When you are repairing blinds, you should be somewhat familiar with many of the important parts. The valance covers the head rail and affects the appearence. Controls open and close slats. In addition, some types (mostly fabric) have groovers and tapes that help hold them together.
Wood and Faux Wood
Wood blinds or shutters can be quite decorative and provide an elegant accent for any room. These products often use several types of wood and are typically used to provide a sturdy feel and a solid look. In addition, wood can be stained to match the color of lamps, desks, dressers, or other furniture. The most widely used are basswood and ramin. In addition to wood, faux wood can also be used. Many faux wood products are made with vinyl, but may even have some real wood as well.